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Latest Fashion Advices & Tips for Men | RockXpo

Contrary to the popular belief, I think most of the Indian men have a good dress sense. (At least, they’re not wearing boxers, Yoga pants or Justin Bieber kinda low waist pants to the mall).

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Unless Govinda is your fashion icon, you’re doing pretty much alright with your clothing choices.
However, there is always room for improvement and as a fashion designer, below are a few tips that I would like to give to Indian men:
Get your suits tailor-made or if you’re buying a ready-made suit, do try it on before purchasing. Also, avoid buying shiny fabrics. The matte and solid colors look the best.

Always wear clothes that fit you right, regardless of your body shape. By that I mean, not too loose and not too tight. That baggy t-shirt doesn’t hide your belly fat but only makes you look bigger and 
if you have skinny legs, a skinny jeans won’t do you any good.

Personally I feel, you should go with a regular fit jeans until you really want to flaunt your derriere.

Roll your shirt sleeves in the right manner. Refer the image below-

Layer it up. You can wear a casual-blazer over a T-shirt or shirt and a pair of jeans. The right kind of cardigans and sweaters can do wonders for you in the winter.

Remember that sneakers and sports shoes don’t go well with everything, so spare them for the gym and casual outfits

The color of your belt and shoes should be the same.

Wear a metallic strap or leather-strap watch with medium sized dial. No ultra big dials and no digital or fitness watches for other places than gym or a workout.

Don’t wear reflector sunglasses unless you really want to stand out of the crowd. I feel ‘keeping it subtle’ works more for Indian men. You can buy classic black, brown or any deep-colored sunglasses.

Your tie should be darker than your shirt unless you’re wearing a dark colored shirt like navy blue or black. In that case, it should be a lighter color.

Another thing I would advise Indian men is to not follow the spikey hair trend. Somehow, it's not attractive and looks like ‘trying too hard’. Here are a few hairstyle suggestions based on your face shape.

Buy a nice fragrance but use it sparingly. You don’t want to be spotted from half a mile ahead.

What’s really important is to stay groomed and that includes keeping your hair and beard neat and trim down your nose and ear hair (if you have).

Now all Indian guys might not be too high on taking care of their skin. But a simple face wash in the morning followed by a moisturizer doesn’t take much time and effort. It would keep your skin healthy.

If you’re wearing a light colored denim shirt, wear it with darker colored jeans and vice versa. Something like this-

Look closely if something suits you before blatantly copying the Bollywood actors. Not everyone can pull off the Ranveer Singh kind of outfits.

Keep those floral Hawaiian style shirts only for the beaches and not for every day.

Wearing jeans so low waist that it shows your ‘Jockey’ is a big NO.

There is no harm in experimenting with your clothes once in a while.

Choose Indian clothing like Kurta Pyjama or plain Kurta with Jeans for traditional functions and festivals. You can also go for a fusion look like this one-


A few go-to tips for the men who have no idea about Fashion or style-
  • When in doubt wear a solid black/white shirt with blue jeans.
  • Always wear T-shirts that fit comfortably (Not too loose, not too tight)
  • Keep a pair of denim shirt in your wardrobe.
  • If you want to hide your belly fat, tuck in your shirts with trousers.
  • A pair of full sleeves T-shirts is a midway between wearing a tee and a shirt
  • T-shirts with ‘cool’ captions, should only be limited to college.
  • Don’t try to pull on the Snoop Dogg kind of look until you really are a rapper.
  • P.S. All of these style tips are my personal opinion and I don’t want to imply that all men should adhere to it. Just like we tell our women, “Men should also dress the way they want to”. Above all, be confident and comfortable in what you wear.

Hope this helps!

*All images from Google.

If your hair is thinning and bald patches are appearing on your head, keep your hair chopped—much like the military style as it would help in camouflaging baldness.

The second tip is to go completely bald! Yes, it may take some courage but if there are only a fingerful of hair remaining on your head, the best option is to go commando on your head.

A neat beard with bald head looks good.

Now there are two types of Bald men—One is Jason Statham and the other one is Anupam Kher. You have to choose which one you want to be.

Styling tips:
  • All the styling tips mentioned above in the answer apply to bald men as well, so don’t feel any different.
  • You can choose darker colors to frame your face.
  • Try to avoid round necks or V-necks as it will put more focus on your head. Collared Shirts, Turtlenecks and polo Tees will be a good option.
  • You can wear hats, bandana or a beanie for certain occasions like Beaches, theme party, winters etc.
  • The best way to make your bald head your signature style is to get fit. If you’re fit and dressing nicely, a bald head will only be a plus point for you.
Above all, be confident and keep rocking that ‘badass bald-guy look’.

Hope this helps!

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